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Default monitor loses connection sporadically


I have this really weird problem. I just got my computer shop to build this computer for me. According to him he tested it extensively, however every few days 4-5, my monitor screen loses connection and the screen goes to black but the computer is still running. I am really not sure what could be causing this.

When the monitor/computer is working fun I can run 3d games like crysis 3 and watch blu-ray movies without problem. But when this happens I have to hard reset the computer and the it will reboot with the picture back to normal. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

MY computer is:

Asus p8z77-v-lk motherboard
i7-3770k @ 3.5
7950 graphics card
coolermaster extreme 2 725 psu
HD 1gb not sure who made it
monitor is samsung syncmaster bx2335
kingston hype rx red ram 8gb
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