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Nope not weird. That is to be expected. ATTO was never meant to be used for SSD drives. It just was one of the few around when SSD's arrived on the scene...and thus became one of the defacto standards. Mfg'ers love it because if you dont have a critical eye - and a lot of experience - ATTO will 'lie' to you. Basically ATTO plays to the SF2281 controllers strong suit and uses EASILY compressible data. Even entry level ONFi 1 drives (think Agility 3) showed good performance the SF2281 controller was able to 'hide' their weaknesses.

Honestly it is about as optimistic a test as you can get. BUT I like it as it is a nice counter the rather pessimistic CDM and AS-SSD results. To be fair, it can be helpful when troubleshooting a failing drive...Just dont take the ATTO results as gospel....just like CDM and AS-SSD need to be take with a grain of salt. ;)
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