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My System Specs


I'm using the A10 5800K and the AMD recommended HD6670 in 'dual graphics' (aka crossfired) mode and its good. Running Dirt3/Showdown, Shift2 and X-Plane flightsim in high to medium high resolutions and on three screens (4800x900). X-Plane does not benefit from crossfire but runs just fine off of the video card alone. There are a few reviews on line about this "dual graphic" special feature of the APU, if you are going with that chip you'll want to do your homework and check out this feature. Having said that the 6670 ain't the fastest card around and if you are willing to pay more you may well get better performance, but the APU chip is all about value for money - its an economic chip.

If you are going three screens be sure to get the HD6670 with a displayport. (If you don't think you'll run three screens I have an extra 2GB HD6670 that I bought before learning that it needed a displayport for three screen applications through Eyefinity).

Apparently the A10 now comes with Simcity (or so I saw the ad for that somewhere).

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