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No problem.

Ok firstly, you will need to run the firmware update from INSIDE a system. It will not work from USB and could perma-brick the SSD!

Personally, what I do is when I install the OS on a new system I make a full backup and label it 'bare metal backup for XXXX'. Then I install my drivers and software and make another backup. THEN I routinely make backups. Next time around this will help you as you wont have to reintsall the OS as often! IF Win 8 was an upgrade you probably will have to install Windows 7, then 8 over it.

If it is dropping out of the bios. Unplug and leave on a shelf for 24hrs. Then clear your cmos /rest your bios. THEN plug it back in. These steps should -hopefully - get it back long enough to update the firmware (this assumes it is the cold bug and not just a controller failing or other hardware on the pcb dieing). I would then do a secure erase on it. That way even if you have to RMA...none of your data is left to worry about. ;)

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