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My System Specs

Red face

KaptCrunch - if I had money to invest into getting scanner, I would get one rather that play with this HP insanity. However I did not :( I wish I have, but I just can't... Therefore I would like to make THIS thing work, because I desperately need the scanning to work. However the thing is getting on my nerves...

I managed to get drivers for HP PSC 1315 v3.
hp psc 1315 drivers cd | Ulo?.to
...but once again, absolutely no change in behaviour.

The idea to get the original HP cartridges is probably the best one. Looking there:
NŠplnž pro HP PSC 1315 |
...I come to conclusion that I need (at best firmware downgrade to make the old cartridges work, but that is probably not getting to happen... dunno why) cartridges C8727AE (10ml black) and C8728AE (8ml color), or C6658AE (17ml photo) - C6656AE (19ml black) and C6657AE (17ml color) or C6656GE (4,5ml black) and C6657GE (4,5ml color)...

No idea where to get them for free, since not only I did not mave money right now, but also I will _NEVER_ pay for any HP crap after experiencing this nightmare.

As for reset - don't worry, I did that COUPLE of times, I trie many different computers, etc. Absolutely no help. Sorry...
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