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My System Specs


For $500 you could easily go an i5 on z77, though the performance difference won't be massive it should run faster while being much cooler (and drawing less power but thats only a few dollars/year)

Might be worth picking up some extra or if you can't match what you have get some new ram. 4GB is not allot in this day, 8gb cl9 1600mhz should be plenty for you and cost about $50 - $70

What exactly is damaged on your SSD?

On $500 / yr I'd wait and every 3 - 5 years have a full re-build and every 2~ re-fresh the GPU.
So say you get a GPU this year, the system should last another 3, drop $1500 on new everything (maybe hold off on the GPU another year or even 2), rinse and repeat.
Basically $2k will buy you a damn fine machine every 5 years with a $500 GPU bump half way between. Though this doesn't cater for new monitors or speakers or other peripherals.
You could always do a full refresh every 6 yr's and have a nice new (currently 27" 2560x1440 IPS panel) screen too.

6 years is pushing the life of the computer but unless there is a revolution in tech then there won't be many huge leaps in performance as they are reaching the limits of what silicon can do
(watch for news on graphite in the next 10 yrs or so would be my bet..)

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