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While I'm not an AMD fanboy I do like the cheaper solution than intel has to offer. Intel burnt it's bridge with when I bought a tulantin compatible board and a cheaper cpu to tide me over. Then Intel decided not to release the p2 tulantin cpu to the general public because it was crushing their new P3. I eventually bought that tulantin cpu off ebay but was still stuck with a 512 memory max due to the chipset and bios never being patched.

Intel was basically forcing my hand to upgrade which is when I decided to go to AMD and I've never looked back... The upgrade paths in AMD have been outstanding on the pocket book. I will be purchasing my 5th or 6th amd cpu since am1 to am2 to am3 to am3+ I've been able to play every single video game on AMD since quake 3/rocket arena 3 with no issues. I cannot justify spending 800 dollars on a cpu when a 2 or 300 dollar AMD will work just as well. Top that with 2-300 dollar MAX on a top of the line AMD mobo like the crosshair V and how can you really go wrong?
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