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My System Specs


I tried using an ATI card along with a dedicated NVidia card for PhysX. While it works for the most part other things start to screw up. Parts of the CCC software for the ATI card don't work correctly and it's insanely annoying. Overclocking the video card doesn't work exactly how you want it either. In fact I couldn't overclock either video card at all... it would OC in windows and shit the bed in games. I would highly suggest NOT combining the two different cards as you run into driver and software conflicts that will drive you crazy. Trust me on that one.

They are technically supposed to work together but it won't work well enough to justify. If you are serious about wanting dedicated PhysX I'd suggest changing over to Nvidia completely.

You are welcome to try it for yourself of course but I found the annoyance not worth the effort or the money.
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