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Default Looking for build advice for my brother

Now that I am home my brother is wondering if I can build a cheaper/better system then an around 500-700$

He's linked me something that he may be interested in pre-built, though he knows he wants an after-market graphics card
HP Pavilion p7-1549 Desktop Computer (AMD Quad-Core A10-5700 / 1TB / 10GB RAM / Windows 8) : Performance Gaming Computers - Future Shop

What he wants to be able to use the computer for is what I consider basic gaming, namely wants to be able to play SimCity and drive two monitors.

Here's what I've got thinking so far:
Windows 7 or 8 (free I have legit keys)
8GB of Ram (he knows he doesn't need/want as much ram as the futureshop system)
Probably a 650 Ti (keep it around 110$ graphics card)

What I'd like to know is what would be best cpu to help keep my budget lower.
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