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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Good Luck extinguishing any arguments here. NOT going to happen.

I used to be a die-hard AMD boy, all the way back to the original Athlon days, and I even still have a 1055T in my son's rig. I also went out and bought and played with an 8350 for a few days.

Then I went out and bought a Z77 platform and a 3570K. And, while it may not have been noticeably faster than the 8350 at anything, when I noticed the drastically lower heat production, I was sold through and through, and wondered what I had been waiting for all this time.

I have both rigs (my son's and mine) in the new computer room in my house. I run mine 24/7 and fold on it. It stays nice and cool I tried running the boy's rig (with the 1055T) and folding on it, but the room just gets waaay to hot. That thing pumps out the heat (OC'd to 3.7). I now keep the boy's computer OFF when he's not on it, and it doesn't fold anymore. Pity, really. That 1055T got some good numbers, it just wasn't worth the heat output.

Oh, and Intel's RST kicks ASS! When I saw how quickly my rig booted into windows for the first time using the Z77 platform, my jaw dropped.

Thanks for your contribution :)

Yeah, I got my 1100T OC'd to 4.4 with a Antel Kuhler H20 920 .. man, I leave that thing on for 6 hours folding and my room is like 35c haha, its okay if you have a naturally cold room :)

I believe, at the end of day that Intel isn't better than AMD and AMD isn't better than intel, they both do the same thing really.. They both process stuff, they both play games,etc.. just depends on how much time you have on your hands lol
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