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Default Intel Vs. AMD

Yes, this is an Intel vs AMD thread.. but without the 100 page long arguments.

I myself prefer AMD, not because they're better than Intel or worse than Intel, but because I'm just into cheap CPU's :p

Here I will list my personal reasons why I like both Intel and AMD, feel free to contribute to help future members of HWC decide on what they want.

I will start with Intel:
- All-round powerful Processors
- Great when it comes to video editing
- Slightly higher performance in gaming over AMD
- Quite expensive if you want a good one
- Hyperthreading

And here's AMD:
- Great for multi-tasking (if you have a 6/8 core CPU)
- Cheap and cheerful
- Great CPUs for budget builds
- More than capable for gaming

Here is why we have so many arguments on the forums over AMD / Intel:

OP (posts in AMD CPU Section):
Building new PC, I need a good CPU, can anyone help me?

1st post:
AMD FX-8350 is the best you can get
AMD FX-4100 is a nice quad core CPU

2nd post:
i5 3570k would be nice
or an i7 3770k

3rd post:
Yeah, I agree, 3570k / 3770k ftw

-now.. you see how an AMD thread turns into an intel one? .. then the AMD fan boys come-

4th post:
No, get an FX-8350, dont listen to them idiots above me saying 3570k / 3770k, intel is bad

-then the intel fan boys-

5th post:
dude, you know intel is overall better than AMD, shut up, get a 3570k OP

.. You see?

In this thread I'm hoping to extinguish any hate between AMD and intel.. hopefully we can make a better community and save the arguments!

Feel free the contribute.
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