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Originally Posted by trayton View Post
Alright I somewhat am back into this now and I have a couple of accounts (I play with my son as well) these accounts were all purchased no I have never botted or cheated they came to me with a high level character but no gear so I either bought or farmed the gear.

I play with my son quite a bit too but here are my 2 accounts :
InfernoJeez#1917 - Lvl 60 Barb & 100 Paragon (but has crap gear anyone willing to help show me how to play D3 and get much better gear would be greatly appreciated)
jaali#1197 - Lvl 60 Barb & 3 Paragon (again not that well geared), Lvl 60 DH & 27 Paragon (not bad geared but could be better), Lvl 60 Wizard (needs to be geared a lot better)
Do you have any Diablo gold? I have some really nice weapons for sale for Barb, and rings.
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