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My System Specs


You'll have to re-install Office and Origin for sure. Steam will re-install itself when you launch steam.exe.

As for copying AppData, I'd be careful just dumping it back onto your system. You should browse through the folders and only copy what you actually need. Otherwise you're going to have a bunch of junk that you likely don't need/want.

You may also want to check the ProgramData folder (hidden by default at the root of C) as that contains shared application data.

And I wouldn't bother with that Windows backup/transfer stuff. Again, it'll just make things messier than they need to be.

Usually I just make a copy of the entire Users folder and ProgramData folder, then I can restore the files I need once Windows is re-installed.

And my recommendation is to use something like Win Toolkit to integrate all the hotfixes. This way once you install Windows, it's all patched and ready-to-go. You don't have to spend hours waiting for Windows Update to run.
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