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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Slik View Post
I hope to get a bit more than 4.4ghz with the 3930. I get 4.4 right now with the 3770,and no heat issues etc. and stable 24/7. We shall see what the 3930 brings. Thanks.
Cooling is going to play a part in achieving high clocks, 2011 pumps out quite a bit of heat.

Fyi: According to Intel:

* Approximately 90-100% of CPUs can go up to 4.5GHz
* Approximately 80-90% of CPUs can go up to 4.6GHz
* Approximately 60-70% of CPUs can go up to 4.7GHz
* Approximately 40-50% of CPUs can go up to 4.8GHz
* The remaining % can yield CPUs that may offer scaling up to and in excess of 50x turbo multipliers. These CPUs are in very low % margins and in addition voltage required will considerably vary (i.e 4.8GHz at 1.400 vs 4.8GHz at 1.500). In most situations due to the excessive wattage level that needs to be dissipated unless a extremely non leaky chip (low voltage operation is hard) frequencies exceeding 5.0GHz will not be achievable under air cooling configurations.

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