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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CanadaRox View Post
I'm actually looking at putting this into my HTPC/home server which uses a Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L (780G chipset). The motherboard has onboard video so the PCIe slot is empty, so would It be best to get a RAID card that is PCIe, or would that likely lead to more issues? And how big of a batter backup thing would I need? The system jsut uses the onboard GPU and has a 4600+ X2 for the processor as well as 3x500GB drives + an 80GB drive. I wouldnt expect to keep the system running for more than a few minutes, just enough time to get it shut down safely (not much point having an HTPC running if there is no power to the TV!) Thanks a ton for the help as I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to hardware RAID. I'm also going to be using Vista x64 (I figured it has better support over XP x64).
Maybe RAID 5 is not the right fit for your purpose. You are never going to need the performance. Even if you set this thing up as a media server and constantly streamed 2 video and 5 audio feeds off of it you are not going to be able to choke even the most craptacular fake-RAID system. Also, RAID 5 with just 3 disks is using (wasting) a lot of the disk space for redundancy. That is why RAID 5 sets are usually 5 or 7 disk gangs. Also, more drives means more heat and more noise.

For the price of a controller you could just buy a 4th drive. Run two in the HTPC and two in your main computer or an external enclosure or NAS. Back the HTPC drives up to the other drives. You could RAID 0 (stripe) them but is that even worth it? Would having two buckets-O-media be that much of a pain over one? If you do not really know how this works and you do not really have the time or interest to dive into the guides and HOWTOs it might just be best to go simple.

If you really want the 3 disk RAID 5 I would just use Vista's built in software fake-raid. You have a separate boot disk so there is no complication there. It is easy to use and a no cost addition.
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