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My System Specs


And now things start to get interesting - time to start adding fluid. And this is where having two reservoirs was neat to see how they reacted.

I originally thought I could add fluid to the tube res, but as it turns out, that didn't work too well because of my second res (something about it being higher then the other one and messing up pressure, fluid dynamics, something that a smarter person would understand). Anyway no biggee, although it is a bit of a pain to access this hole to fill so addressing that will be part of my upgrade plan.

Okay - this took a little more research here...In Linus' video, he said to jump the green wire on the ATX connector to fire up the PSU without being connected to a MB (this needs to be done in order to get the pump running). Problem here is my fancy Corsair PSU has all black cabling!!! With a bit of reading and a somewhat modified paper clip, jumping the green wire (pin 4) with pin 3 (ground) works.

And now for the leaks! Again, something about the laws of fluid where it only leaks in one spot at a time. The first leak though was from the top of the rad (from the original plastic plug installed in the rad).

This is non-conductive solution, but since the MB isn't powered on anyway it's no big deal...

And now the expansion of the paper towel...Lots of places for leaks!!

Okay - all of this work requires nourishment... Behold coconut milk, raspberries and blueberries and cocoa powder. Tastes awesome and is paleo friendly (for those who care)..

And as a little before and after (and yes, my desk could've been cleaner even without the fancy new rig but it was a good time to refresh everything)..

Here is the after shot with the new rig and general clean-up...Interesting thing here (for me at least) my wife and I share 720sq' and there is still lots of room for this huge case and 27" monitor. Go organization!

And now for some close-ups of the final working product...

The CPU...

The MB block..

The pump assembly (with all it's red glory!)

The SLI bridge..

This shot was a tough one - it's of the GPU block which normally you can't see from straight on (camera is pointing up from the bottom of the case). I am almost tempted to put some mirrors in just so I can see this as well.

And here is the final shot, which is just another close-up of the CPU.

Hope you like it and I will answer any questions that you might have. Overall I was really impressed with the outcome - I love the red theme (will like it even more when I go to the blood red coolant - just a better colour), I love that I can see the fluid running through everything. It was worth the time spent to plan it all out, fuss and fiddle and curse with all of the tiny pieces.

Overall, it is obviously faster then my old rig, but more important quieter. The 5 Typhoon's running at full bore are still quieter then my old stock system (which would scream like a banshee every time I ran Civ5).


Oh crap..I just realized..I can't drain the loop because the drain is after the pump, meaning I would need to run the pump to drain it.

That was supposed to be the goal of the valve (so I could control the draining!) - ummm, that will be fixed in v2.0?

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