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My System Specs


For the reservoir(s) I know having 2 is redundant, but I wanted to carry on the EK theme, as well as to have something in the main chassis for show. Again, clear acrylic from EK for the bay res, and I found a similar clear tube version from Bitspower.

Now for some heavy hitting hardware - the GPU! At the time I bought this (October) the 680 was almost bleeding edge, pricey ($500ish) but not as bad as the 690 that was running just over a grand. I chose this version with the plans to buy a second one and SLI it.

Okay, for $500 its nice to get a metal logo (and not some flimsy plastic one).

Un-boxing the GPU and getting it ready for the water block...My 680 in it's black dress!

Again, what is nice to see on a well made card is loctite on the screws..Sometimes its the little things..

Aaaaaand...It's naked!

Whoopss...I lied..Now it's naked!! Completely...

Jumping to the motherboard - again this is a little overkill for my system, but what the hey..

I read up a lot online about whether or not it makes sense to w/c the mb. There was a lot of different opinions online, but since I could get the matching blocks, I say go for it. (and mind the hairy leg in the picture there).

Okay, a bit of jumping ahead but here is the mb with the CPU and CPU and MB waterblocks installed in the case..

And now for the GPU. Again, one of the reasons for going SLI (in the future) is just so I can have more water-cooling blocks in the loop. EK has a slick bridge which comes in 2 way and 3 way, as well as in serial and parallel configurations. Again, after trying to figure out what was the best option, I went with a parallel configuration and installed the 3 way block as according to the MB specs, slot 1 and 3 are PCIx16 (whereas slot 2 is PCIx8) - again not sure how much this will ultimately impact me, but x16 sounds better then x8?

Okay, this is a picture showing my original 2 way block (before I read about the 2nd slot being a PCIx8) with the two GPU blocks (and one GPU) - gives you an idea what the upgrade will look like:

Okay now on to some more assembly...I spent a lot of time planning out the tube runs to make sure they were as clean as possible while also trying to keep the bends to the right radius so the cables wouldn't kink. I have to say this tygon tubing was very soft and worked very well - also useful that it came in a 3/8"ID x 1/2"OD configuration which was still pretty slim.

I also installed the GPU with the SLI bridge so that the tube runs would not change when the second GPU is added (also looks kind've cool!).

Damn - the CPU block is a little higher than the mb block (as you can sort've tell by the slight bend in the tube between the two fittings).

BAM! Install a 3/8" spacer (well - order a spacer, wait a week or two for it to be delivered, and then BAM!)

Here's the rad completed. Note that on the rad comes default with plastic plugs - the two on the bottom got replaced by my fittings, but I forgot about the two on the top. One of which leaked, probably not because it was plastic, but because I didn't follow other people's advice and properly clean and prepare my rad before installing. I did end up replacing the top plastic plugs with metal ones.

Here is the rad installed, along with the Corsair ram...Again red to match my theme.

A closer look at the RAM installed, as well as some of the tubing...Again soooo sexy...

Adding the GPU in...

The tube run was a little hairy between the GPU bridge and the CPU, but thankfully there are a lot of variations for fittings..30, 45, 90, S curve, so many different fitting types. I actually planned out all of my tube runs before I bought the gear and estimated what type (and how many) of each fittings I needed, but as you can see from my previous posts, I ended up missing a few (which put my project on hold for a couple of weeks).

Here is a shot of the two reservoirs - again, the tube one was for show..

Okay, this was probably the most crazy part to plan out. Between wanting to put in a cut-off valve, a drain valve, and a flow meter I had to settle with not getting a flow meter in (there was just no space). There is probably about $100 of fittings here just to get from the res to the pump to the bridge. This obviously wasn't the most efficient way to do it, but was more for show.

And here is the finished product..

(another view)

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