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My System Specs


so can you even load any live OS even Ubuntu it could even be something as simple as a bad Disk that you are using I know that for some reason or other that if a person is using a Burned disk that has pretty much any windows version on it and the Disk was burned at the fasted speed tha tfor some stupid reason it can and most likely will mess the disk up and cause problems when trying to install the Operating system, I have seen that happen allot and it always seem to happen with a Microsoft OS I have never seen it happen on any Linux or other OS which is why I suggested trying a live cd like linux , any " Live" Operating system that will load up , hell even try hirens boot disk if I remember it has differnt tests on it.
the important thing is to see if a live Opeerating system will boot up if it does them it most likely is the windows disk or USB that you are using.
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