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My System Specs


Originally Posted by syaoran7li View Post
no it does not have onboard video.. im using the old drive with os.. still there is problem... ya i checked its normal... have not run prime95 before... will try tat..... well i tried with the overclock before.. and it had the same problem..
What did CPUID say re CPU Vcore voltage? I really think you system is just not stable, since it does run for a little while before going out. What did CPUID say about cpu temp and the video card temp? Do you have another video card to try?

Regarding bent pins. It is easy to accidentally bent the pins. I did it when I re-applied the thermal paste. Put the cpu on and was careless, and bent a lot of pins. I used a magnifying glass, and a small round pin (about the size of a paper clips that you can handle easily without dropping it. I had one of those poking needle thing from a dissecting set with a slight hook, and with a handle to hold on.), Carefully pushed the bent pins back to align with others in the matrix. If the bent pin is push under, you need to lift it. Not a difficult job, just tedious, and be thorough.
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