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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
I am not familiar with this mobo. Does it have onboard video? If so, can you disable it and use your own video card, any good old card. Use your old drive with os, and run it. Did you also check the temp and voltages, using CPUID Hardware Monitor? Check all temps and voltages to see if there are anything out of whack.
I have not used linuxstress which looks quite complicated on the screenshots. Have you run Prime95, if not run it for an hour and see if it passes.
The other possibility is your CPU voltage could be too low. Try and increase it a bit, or do a simple overclock routine to see if it stabilizes.
no it does not have onboard video.. im using the old drive with os.. still there is problem... ya i checked its normal... have not run prime95 before... will try tat..... well i tried with the overclock before.. and it had the same problem..
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