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My System Specs


You can fit more stuff on 1080p x 2 than 1440p. I used to run on dual 24's and then ran a single 27" 1440p. The IPS panel was so much better than my old TNs but I found myself missing a second monitor quite often. 2 monitors is much better for productivity than 1 monitor as I'm sure you already know.

Now I run an IPS 1440p alongside one of my old 24" 1080p's and I have everything I need. Soon to upgrade the 1080p into another IPS 1440p when I have the money.

Here's how I see it. If your set up is strictly for productivity, IMO your set-up now is better. If you want better picture quality and better entertainment experience, go with your Asus 27".

I know you said that you can't keep all the monitors, but how about keeping one? A 27" PLS along side one of your existing 1080p's should be the best option. Best of both worlds?
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