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My System Specs


Company Name: Bitfenix
Product: Bitfenix Prodigy (Black)
Warranty Period: 1 year
Date purchased: October 21, 2012
Date RMAed: November 6, 2012.
Ease of RMA: 1
Any extra fees?:
Wait time: About 4 months...

E-mailed them about my issue and they asked for serial number and pictures. I sent them the info but they never replied, so I shot them another message.

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On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 9:37 PM, Kevin wrote:
It's been over a week since my last e-mail. Is anyone there?
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Another 9 days later...

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Support*Bi​tFenix ( 26/11/2012
To: Kevin
Hi Kevin,
Apologies in the delay of response. The current parts are out of stock in our current warehouse. The ETD of their arrival is about 5-6 weeks when they come in our containers to our LA warehouse.
Was this an online purchase at NCIX?

BitFenix Crew
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Kevin 26/11/2012

I can wait for the parts no problem. It was an in-store purchase.
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5-6 weeks? Not really in a rush, so I had no problem with that.

Over 6 weeks pass and I ask them about the progress. They basically apologize and tell me that the parts I want are rare.

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Kevin 05/01/2013

It has been 2 months since I have first e-mailed you about my problem. If you cannot come up with the replacement parts after this long, I am going to have to ask for a new case. Honestly, no one should ever have to wait over 2 months for any replacement parts, not to mention I have to send at least 2 e-mails to you guys before you ever reply.
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I never received a reply to that.
At this point I created this thread: Bitfenix taking their sweet time with my RMA
Some pretty interesting stuff in there. In that thread, here are one of my posts.

Originally Posted by bigFOIG
November 6, 2012 is the date that I e-mailed Bitfenix about my case. Today is friggin February 17, 2013. 3 months and 11 days and still nothing? Come on... I actually can't believe it. I know you say it's a rare RMA item from China and stuff, but there are other solutions to this.

1. Take the part from an existing prodigy case and ship that to me.
2. Send me a new case."
They basically give me a big fat no and no. They claim that there is no one that is available to do that for me.

Here's a post by moocow that pretty much sums up my thoughts at the time.
Originally Posted by moocow
"Basically, they rather have the customer wait for weeks for parts to be made instead of giving him another case. BF seem to think that just because they approved an RMA and placed an order for parts, it's good customer service. I have to question BF's logic here. So they can't ship a new case from their warehouse to the rep, which also happens to be in Vancouver, and just take that apart? Does BF expect every single one of their cases to be made perfect and therefore didn't foresee the possibility of repair and refurb? Sure BF doesn't appear to be as big as Corsair or Antec, but you still have to factor in warranty and servicing costs. It would of being easier to swallow BF's side of the story if every single case in their warehouse is sold / spoken for.

To sum up my thoughts, BF either wouldn't or couldn't go that extra distance to have the service completed as fast as possible. It sounds like the OP is dealing with an inflexible machine than people here. It's kind of like dealing with banks except they are inflexible because they actually have compliance laws to deal with. BF have lost my future business, simple as that, just like OCZ.
Some time passes, and on January 20, 2012, they tell me there has a been a delay.

Another month and a week later I get this:

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Support*Bi​tFenix ( 27/02/2013
To: Kevin

Hi Kevin,

We are very sorry and we apologize for the delay. We have ran into some troubles with our warehouse and receiving the wrong parts.

***(LOL almost 4 months go by and they finally receive the parts... too bad they were the wrong parts)***

To compensate, we have arranged a shipment for a full Prodigy replacement, along with the memo we received from our forum rep to ship you a black side panel.

BitFenix Crew
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And there you have it. 4 months of mad fun. Couple days after that e-mail, I received the package. By the way... I still haven't opened the box yet. Wonder what kind of surprise I'll run into this time.

Satisfaction: 1 because at least they didn't completely ignore my e-mails. But I'll give them another 1 because I did end up with a replacement in the end, despite the fact that it did take 4 months of shenanigans. I'll give them another 0.5 since they gave me a free side panel that I ASKED for. Who knows if they would've given me any compensation voluntarily.

Total is 2.5/10.

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