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Default Red Rampage!

Just a few notes about my build: This was my first w/c attempt with the primary purpose to create a quiet(er) PC that had a lot of gaming power, good potential for o/c if I should choose to, and also to look really cool.

For original theme was going to be red and silver, mostly because I thought the Heatkiller GPU-X3 block looked amazing. But after a lot more looking around, I settled on using all EKWB blocks as I could get matching clear-acrylic blocks for my GPU, CPU, and MB. I was going to go one step further and get blocks for my RAM, again mostly for look, but decided on the red themed Vengeance RAM from Corsair – looked pretty sweet.

All of the fittings were shining silver BitsPower compression fittings.

I got my parts from 4 sources – all of the computer hardware came from NCIX, most of the w/c parts came from DazMode, with a few spare parts from FrozenCPU and the tubing from SideWinder (for some reason I got fixated on Tygon 3/8”ID ½” OD food grade tubing.

Most of the parts are stock, with some extra accessories for the pump to add a clear face and a silver backing. The extra radiator is clearly for show (and the bay res has a flow indicator and is used for filling).

Overall, it was a pretty fun experiment and just had the following few points / shout-outs:
1) - Thanks to Linus and his tech-tips which is what got me started on this. His “Ultimate Water Cooling Guide” series (Ultimate Water Cooling Guide Part 1 - Preparation Procedure NCIX Tech Tips - YouTube) was hardware porn for me.
2) - Thanks to Daz as well for some parts advice, as well as the quick and efficient job of shipping parts to me.
3) - EKWB – PLEASE!!! Re-release the all silver backplate for the 680 reference board. It was available for a very short time, but got discontinued for the black version. I think the bright silver looks awesome (and okay, it went with my theme).
4) - This took a lot of research time – a lot! Mostly to find the exact parts that I wanted (both for functional and for look and feel)a, and a lot of searching through different sites and forums. But it was definitely worth it.
5) - For those that are building their first rig – one thing to note: you loop will only leak one place at a time (due to some laws about physics…fluid dynamics) meaning when you fire it up for the first time, and find a leak, tear it all apart to get at the leak, fix the leak (usually by tightening something) – DON’T put it all back together. Start it running again, and wait for the next leak. Fix that, repeat 3 or 4 more times. THEN put it all back together.

Other than that, it went pretty well and I am getting some great performance on BF3 in 3D (which is basically all I am using for a “benchmark” right now).

Once the 680’s come down in price (I didn’t mind paying $500 once for leading edge, but won’t do it twice), I will work on the next round of the build which will be the following:
1) - Add a second GPU to the rig (which is why I have left the SLI bridge installed so the tube runs won’t change
2) - Add an Aquacomputer, flow and temperature monitors – mostly for curiosity
3) - Maybe add a second pump – theoretically good for redundancy?
4) - Change the fluid to EKWB blood red coolant. The Feser One red that I am using is a little too bright – I didn’t see the pictures of the EK fluid till after
5) - Figure out how to better access a re-fill point for my loop – right now the best option is on the top of the bay res, and I still have to half unscrew it to get at it
6) - Go with individually sleeved cables, perhaps red, to help clean up wiring and make it look slicker.

Okay, that is all – hopefully you enjoy the pictures and I didn’t go overboard!

(hopefully the posts will show up in the rest of the thread)
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