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Default Upgrade From Dual 1080p to Single 1440p?

So after reading up quite a bit on the U2713H, including SKYMTL's review here, I'm seriously thinking about upgrading from my current setup. I'm running two U2312HM's side by side. They have been outstanding monitors, and a dual monitor setup makes a HUGE difference for work productivity. (My gaming rig also serves as my home office/work PC)

I'm curious to hear what people's thoughts are on moving from a dual 23" 1080p setup to a single 1440p 27". I know that gaming will obviously be a great leap forward, but I'm also thinking about work environment, day to day, etc. I'll lose the extra screen, but gain quite a bit of real estate on a single screen. Overall this loses me screen space, but how much really? And there something to be said for staring straight forward at a single screen.

Before people suggest keeping my 2 monitors in addition to the new one, that's not really an option as I would sell them to recoup a bit of the cost of switching.

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