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Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
Nexus 5 will be a ways away, nexus 4 32gb lte is to be announced next month though according to rumors.
Although it's obviously still speculation, people are suggesting October/November time frame. However after reading a couple more things on what direction google might take with the nexus 5 I am a little less inclined to wait.

Originally Posted by Eluder View Post
I can understand the advantage of a MicroSD slot, but I've never understood why so many people consider a removable battery such an advantage.
I have never swapped batteries on my GS3 or my Note 2, it just isn't feasible to carry a spare fully charged battery with you at all times to make a removable battery a real advantage.

Anyway, I've tried both phones, and they are both amazing devices, but if I had the choice of only one device, I'd lean towards the HTC One, it's something different and the build quality is impeccable.
Being able to remove the battery was very useful for me while trying out roms on my GS1 as it would occasionally 'freeze.' It's also useful if you ever have to replace the battery should it inflate...

What I don't understand is why for gadgets increased weight = better but in most other industries less weight = better.

Anyway, I shall wait until I can get both in my hands before I make my final decision.
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