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Default Sudden death? o.O

A few weeks back, i randomly encountered this major issue with my desktop. One night, just like any other, i turned my PC off via the windows start meny shut down, and went to bed. The day after, feeling tired from school, i hit the power switch as i usually do, and went to the bathroom to let her go through the bios screens and fire up. When i came back though, nothing had happened. So i hit the power switch again. Still, nothing. I have tried booting her with my graphics cards in different slots, pulled out all the ram and seated a single stick once in every slot. I tried no hard drives, and no peripherals, and even reseating the leads to the power switch. Still nothing happens when i hit it. I also tried a different PSU, as i had one laying around. I am completely at a loss here.. It seems it can only be the motherboard that has crapped out on me (but there are no odd lights that would indicate so), or the i5. Keep in mind that this rig ran strong for one and a half years before this.
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