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- Do an assembly and boot test outside the case before you start installing stuff in the case. Nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out where connectors go while trying to twist and turn inside the case.

- The biggest thing is to take your time. Make sure you double check each connector for proper connection (is it in properly, secure, etc). The reason why I say that is because I saw a tech checking out someone's pc while I was waiting for return service. Turns out it wasn't working because whoever did the install messed up the power connector on the HDD and somehow that started a fire. The power connector was completely melted and burned out. Best guess by the tech as to the reason was either something wrong with the connector (PSU or HDD) or the install wasn't done properly. Personally I have no clue what would cause that but the tech's guesses seem reasonable.

- Consider a fan controller in the future for better noise / temps control.
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