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Default Microsoft Habu Gaming mouse review

TechGage reviews the Habu Gaming mouse- razer and microsoft got together to produce this good-quality, good-looking, customisable gaming peripheral.

The Habu's average retail price hovers around $55, so it's not exactly cheap. After using the mouse though, I am confident in recommending it to anyone who's looking for a new mouse or someone who's looking for something a little different. I've been used to using Logitech G mice for the past few years, so I found the Habu to be a refreshing change.
That said, I found the Habu to be an excellent gaming mouse, but I didn't enjoy it as much for desktop work. I deal a lot with Photoshop and have to be precise with a few photos I edit, and I just didn't find this mouse to be the best for that job, so I plan to switch between the Habu and G5 depending on what I need to do.

As it stands, this is a great product. It costs a little more than a few other mice on the market (but less on average than Razers own DeathAdder) and offers a lot to the consumer. How many mice allow you to alter your sensitivity on a per axis basis?
As for this being a Microsoft Habu, I am not sure just how much part they had in the design process seeing as Razers name is plastered everywhere, but the only fact that matters is that it's a product worthy of receiving a nine out of ten on our scale.
  • Pros
  • Well designed product, comfortable to use
  • Blue LEDs implemented well
  • Software offers much customization
  • Backed by Razer quality
  • Cons
  • Might not be perfect for desktop work
Read more at TechGage
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