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I'm sure you'll hear "it depends" on what you are doing with your PC.

IF you are going to buy more later it will depend on how far away later is. I discovered that old RAM costs much more, just try to get some DDR2 today - you pay through the nose for it. So if you are thinking I'll get some now, and some more in a few months, then go for the 1600, ... if you are not likely to add more within the next few months to a year, then I'd go for the 16 GB of 1333.

When I discovered that upgrading my old PC which had DDR2 was unreasonable I decided I didn't want to encounter that again so when I built my rig back in October I maxed out the RAM with 32 GB of DDR3 1600, but I've not really had any use of anything more than half that, yet. I'm thinking of learning how to make good use of RAM Disk software so that I get some use out of my RAM rather than just have it sit there looking pretty. (Of course you'll want to buy designer RAM, colour coded to your mobo). :P

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