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Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
Alright as we all know the Wii U doesn't support Gamecube games and of course I'm planning to get one either late Summer or Fall.

So I've been looking at the Dolphin Emulator to play my games. I could use the PS3 Dualshock controller or get a GC to USB adapter. No way am I going to use a keyboard for a game that's meant on a console.

Any who that's a bit off-topic. The question that I want to know is: Can I dump Gamecube games to my PC, with my Blu-Ray Drive? I got an LG CH10LS20 Blu-Ray ROM Drive. I'm asking this since the Gamecube uses Mini-DVDs which I have never heard of any device outside of the Gamecube using this.

Thank you
Nope, you sure can't.

There's only a few drives that can read GCN discs. Not only are they mini-DVDs they read from the inside out (reverse) compared to a regular CD.

There is a way you can rip them using the Phantasy Star Online disc, a GCN broadband adapter and a few pieces of homebrew, but I can't really remember the process. If you look up Phantasy Star GCN rip or something like that you might find the process.
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