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Originally Posted by drougnor View Post
Yeah, you mention 'cheese curds' to most ANYONE in this part of the world (You know, where REAL restaurants DON'T live) and they assume you mean cottage cheese. I'm lucky to be offered a choice between shredded cheeses.

Now the gravy thing - I tend to favor my own make - We've been cooking turkeys like no one's business when we can get them cheap, and I make a MEAN turkey based stock. Somewhere between a nice blonde colored chicken and rich brown beef. Freaking TASTY (the secret? Re-roast the bones before they go into the stock pot, just enough to get some good browning. Trust me, it's wonderful!) and works well either as a straight flour based gravy, or, if you wish, add some sour cream to make a heavenly smooth creamy gravy. Drooling at the thought, right now...

And, since my wife and both kids are lactose intolerant and one kid and the wife can't have gluten, I've been relearning how to cook, pretty much from the ground up. And comfort dishes like this end up being put to the side for once every few months now.

Man, I need to find a good supplier of cheese curds...
I live about a mile away from a cheese factory in Wilton Ontario... I seriously cannot imagine life without fresh curds. I feel your pain...
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