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Just so you are aware. Cranking the speed on your pump will not increase the cooling. Best way to find out where the sweet spot is is to run an app like super pi. It takes a little mucking around to get all the cores crunching pi but once ya figure it out (some members can help) you'll get the cpu temps up and begin to dial in the cooling sweet spot.

You'll need to actually move the case around a bit and bang on the rad a little to shake all the bubbles loose and it shouldn't leak anywhere even if you turn it upside down. You'll need to do stuff like this to get all the air out of the rad etc.

Again cranking the pump on full blast will not fix the flow problem you are having... you might even melt the impellor if you aren't cautious. There's a reason for this happening but I'm not typing all that out here... hehe.

One other thing to consider... You can always pipe your drain port directly off the bottom of your vid card via one of the lower connection points. It works well and would flow a little better than you currently have it piped... I'll edit one of you pictures to show you what I mean.
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