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Default The future of SATA on a PCIe?

According to SATA IO (the organization that makes SATA) It is almost impossible for a 4th Generation SATA to exist (12 Gb/s) because of the silicon limitations. So they're making a SATA Express interface, meaning it's going to take a PCIe port and use it as a storage solution. So really the future of Motherboards will not come with with the next generation of SATA ports, just hopefully there will be a SATA Express card with it. The SATA Express can go up to 16 Gb/s right now, and since PCIe technology can improve, so can SATA Express.

While this might be old news to some, I just figured this out after the supposed Intel 9-Series Chipset will support SATA Express with their Broadwell CPU.

Hopefully the pricing won't be to high.
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