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I think the black ice is this one, it was part of a dangerden build I bought off someone.

Black Ice Xtreme Radiator - Danger Den

Vorroa: yea, I was thinking of getting rid of the yate loons, but I dont have any spare fans to replace it with at the moment.

Is this the blackice really that bad, I mean it couldn't hurt for it to just sit there? I hate having rads lying around, it taunts me until I build a new loop to put it in.

Seems like everyone is saying sub 1000rpm fans is a must for a silent pc (which I tried, made no difference). I could clock down my fractals with my fan controller, but I don't think it'd be possible to do so on my PSU fan.

Case is under my table, and I sit around 2-3 ft from it. Putting my phone next to my keyboard, it is registering around 45db SPL.

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