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Default 3D printer, does anyone have one?

I am looking at getting a 3D printer, wondering if anyone on this forum has one. Looking for some input because its a little staggering the level of choices. Unless there is a compelling reason I am looking at extrusion over stereolithography because of cost+size of print area. and I am looking at making widgets over art.

1) What is it that you like about the printer you have?
2) What do you wish up upgraded or wished the printer did differently.
3) Because this is a first dive into it I am thinking a kit over making one myself from scratch. That being said I have looked around for kits that try to keep the parts open sourced and easily replaced vs proprietary parts.
4) I assume belt driven system could be an issue vs a full stepper setup???

The one that peaked my interest is this one;

Cyrus: open source 3D printer by sasan ? Kickstarter

Open projects like the RepRap look to need a 3D printer to make a lot of the parts to make the printer. Kind of a catch 22 as far as I can tell unless you know someone who has a printer or buy a kit.
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