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My System Specs


Yeah silence is hard to achieve in a gaming PC..... Some little things I found to help are using cases that support 140MM fans an rads or as some one already said adding more rads. You can achieve better cooling with more rad surface area and slow fans then super thick small rads running high speed fans. Some fans don't clock down as silent as others, even though they are running at the same speed you can get audiable whines etc. Certain grills or case cut outs make more noise as air passes through them. I never mount D5 pumps to my chassis as they tend to vibrate thin panel cases alot, instead just let them float on dense foam. Avoid that method with DDC pumps because they seem to heat up and can eventually burnout if heat can't disipate due to the foam. Although plater type HDD are fairly silent the still make some noise and chassis vibrate so SSD's are the best choice. Avoid cheesy ram coolers as they tend to make a ton of noise, DDR3 ram doesnt get hot and case airflow is enough. A way larger than you need PSU will ensure the fan never needs to ramp up. Getting video cards water cooled should be one of the priorities of a silent build because they are always the loudest point of the PC. I been using that sound dampening mat you can get from NCIX and putting it on panels and basically anywhere there is flat surface. All these little things will help alot to making a "silent" build but as you can imagine at a huge cost to you. I have my gaming PC very quiet following all these guidelines when I'm not gaming, but I ramp everything up when I game. I counteract the noise with excessive volume on my speakers lol. Best bet is to deal with a near silent build or just chuck the computer in the next room and buy wire extenders, or use headphones :-)
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