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Originally Posted by JayDeeHobbit View Post
My CPU folding is a joke as I can have 8 cores running for 72 hours on some WU's and get a miserable ~4k ppd for it. Stanford really needs to consider balance in the PPD rewards if they want to encourage people to fold.
That doesn't sound right. The GPU might be "stealing" cycles from the CPU client. I have a Phenom II X4 940 BE at 3 GHz, it's my file server that doesn't get used very heavy and it's producing about 10k ppd right now (smp only).

I have a dual xeon (LGA 771) 8 cores in total (linux only smp) and it gets between 16k and 22k.

Both systems above only use smp folding. I'd try setting your smp client to use 7 cores and then set the affinity of the gpu/smp client so it only uses the core that the smp core isn't using.
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