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My System Specs

Smile Core i7 Extreme Upgrade

I've been lucky enough to have a 980x 4 a few yrs now and decided early on that I really enjoy the

capabilities of that processor enough to start saving for a new setup a bit later on.

Well that time has finally arrived. Couldn't hold out for the next gen coming this fall so I cashed in my

toonies and gave my "New Build " addiction a fix, hehe.

As I've never posted on this particular forum, I thought I would throw a few pics in as parts start arriving

for the upgrade.

Still using my old HAF X case and Corsair AX1200. Have the 690 atm though won't have it much longer.

Went from a Vertex 2 up to a Vertex 3. Sata 2 vs 3, better speeds. Approx twice as fast.

Still have my WD1 tb Black and WD 500gb Blue. Added additional 200mm case fan, so 2 up on top now.

Increased my overall air flow by over 50% by increasing cfms on most fans. New nylons on the intakes to

keep the dog hair out, hehe. That almost broke the bank,....

Actually got some interesting looks buying those,.....

Waiting 4 my 16gbs of quad channel Mushkin Redline 17000.

Of course I need a new Win 7 OS as 1 of my 5 OS discs turned up as fraudulent,Q#$#% ebay! Last time

4 that!!!

Cpu already enroute. Can't get here soon enough! Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet?.....

So those 3 things r left. The OS disc, the Mushkin ram, and of course my new best buddy the 3970x!!!

Hopefully I can test it b4 that beautiful 690 Sig. goes. I would love to c the difference between a oced 4

ghz 980x vs the 3970 @ reference speeds 1st and then try 4 somewhere around 5ghz if I'm lucky.

Might need help w that folks!!!


Will post more.
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