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Default Best "Gaming" Ultrabook?

Looking for an ultrabookesque laptop that still gives decent gaming performance. I'm not talking pure power, but just enough to play games a ok settings.

Something like this would be perfect: GIGABYTE - Notebook & Netbook - Notebook & Netbook - U series - U2442D

For those who don't want to click the link, its the Gigabyte U2442D which has a i5-3230M (dual core 2.6) with a Nvidia 730M, but it's only .8 inch thick. However, I cant find it in Canada.

School and programming are the main focus of the laptop so a high resolution display is a must (1600x900 or 1920x1080). Gaming is second priority. The main games I play are only starcraft 2 and league of legends (2 very light games in terms of performance demands), but I do play more intensive games such as BF3, Skyrim, and other games on occasion.

Is there anything around a $1000 that has ok graphics, high res screen, and good portability?
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