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Originally Posted by Tech686239 View Post
Hello all..

Currently I am using the router/modem all in one supplied by eastlink. I had it free for 6 months so I took it. Now that I am paying 3.95 or something a month for this i don't feel it's worth it. What would be the best router to get for under 100 bucks?

This is what I am considering (ASUS - RT-N56U) but it's a bit more than i want to spend

Thanks for your input!
one problem how are you going to connect to internet with RT-N56U when it not supporting coxial cable

you still need a cable modem to hook to internet, buy out loose support from eastlink

so what's your modem not doing now that you need the Asus ?

cheap Surfboard SB6121 to use with your Asus

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