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Thanks. I just reglued it and its healing nicely :)

Honestly....those numbers are in the right ballpark for where they should be.

IF you want to see the '510' they ATTO. It plays to SF2281 drives strong points (ie you will only ever see 500+ on sequential performance, with large file sizes that is ALSO easily compressible data). Its all marketing / PR spin. All of them do it.

My use the drive and dont worry about synthetic test results. ie does the drive feel fast? or does it feel 'slow' in real world useage.

..OR return it (take the 15% restocking fee hit) and get a LARGER, newer drive that costs a crap ton more.

Sorry but thats basically your two options as that drive is running within spec...based on the limited data points. Its possible that it is wonky and Im wrong. It does happen, especially with only quick n dirty testing (ie Im good..but not that good...or that perfect. :P)

Hope that helps. Im crashing for the night, but will check the thread tomorrow to see if I can offer any more advice or help.
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