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Good so trim is working. Thats 'step one' out of the way. :)

Run the full CDM test.

See what the 4K write results look like (dont worry about the other results. CDM uses incompressible data...which ALL SF2281's dont expect 500mb/s writes in CDM!!!).

If the 4k single queue depth write results are below 80 (and if its in really bad shape it will be in the 40s).... backup your data, do a secure erase on it, run it as a D drive in a different rig. IF its numbers are still in the gutter in CDM... its a dud. IF they get better than either something in your rig or software config...just does NOT like your SSD. IF that is the case I would return it and go for a NON-SF2281 based drive. Only SF2281 I would even consider is the Intel 520.

Be patient mate. I gashed open my hand 5 days ago (think 3 inchs by 1inch deep cut in the palm of my right hand that I had to glue together) so typing is slow and I am not at the PC all that much. Only reason Im even trying right now is because I try to help peeps out as much as I can
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