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My System Specs

Default Slow Kingston Hyperx 3K Write

I had this SSD for about two weeks maybe, however Im having problems with the writing speed as its not close to the advertised speed.

I did all the troubleshooting and settings to make sure its setup correctly with no success. Such as;
- AHCI Mode.
- Check Sata Cables (6Gb).
- Connected to the intel chipset 6Gb port.
- Took my SSD out of the drive bay (800D) and connect it directly the MOBO.
- Updated all drivers available for update (BIOS,Chipset...) haven't found anything from kingston.
- Turned off Kaspersky Internet Security.
- Didnt use any programs in the background while testing.
- Did the Sean's guide on SSD from forum

I might have done more things I forget about it already. Any suggestion? or should I send this driver back while I have the chance?
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