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My System Specs

Smile PC Builders and Tweakers

Finally saved enough toonies to upgrade from my 1366 system.

Going to keep my OS SSD ftm. Vertex II still pretty quick.

Same case, 1st gen HAF-X. Same psu, Corsair AX1200.

2 HDDs, both sata 3, 1 500gb WD Blue and 1 tb WD Black.

So here's what I've bought so far.

16gbs of Mushkin Redline Quad channel, obviously 4x4gbs. Asus X79 Sabretooth, and of course the Intel 3970x and I'm going 2 use Win 7 Ult. 64bit again.

From the reviews I've perused so far it seems the NZXT X60 is the best cooler but don't know if there's an air cooler just as good or better. Any suggestions would b


Not sure if I like the dual rad setup of that cooler.
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