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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Honestly, for most users RAM and PCI are not bottlenecks at this stage in the game.

What blew me away from AMD to Intel was the increase in SSD performance. Intel platforms are noticeably faster at booting from SSD's. THAT is what AMD needs to work on.

Back to the Super-FX in question. $795????? For 5Ghz on air? It would seriously be cheaper to custom watercool a regular 8350, in which case you could likely get it to 5+Ghz.

Or, better yet, a 3930K (or the equivalent IB-E, whenever that gets released) would await me as a viable alternative if I'm spending this kind of money.
Agree with you there but if I am spending 500+ for my F$##ing CPU I want all the bells and whistles not just a faster SSD controller I want it all and not a half assed 990fx chipset I want the 1090ULTRA Chipset that have everything that LGA2011 has to offer and then some.

I want a AMD CPU that is actually fast with that price point I want 8 cores and 32 thread paths :P I want it all baby.

I miss having faith in AMD. My FM2 rig though fun to tweak with is dog slow compared to 1366 or 1155 but is not much slower to my old 8150fx. AMD needs to get off their asses and bring the power. They have always been my Favorite brand I would always buy their gear over Intel but these days no way :(
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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