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Well to say the least ATI vs Nvidia battle never ends. Both cards are good at what they do, in some tests the 4870 outperforms it and it other tests the GTX 260 takes the lead.

Personally speaking I'll go for an ATI 4870 card only because the Crossfire based motherboards are now turning out to be hek alot better than the Nvidia based motherboards. Seem to overclock better, RAID is better, and just for an example, you could get a low-mid range P45 board that can really outclass or perform on par with a high end 680/780i board.

With that said if you already have 780/790i board then stick with the GTX 260, if you have any Crossfire based board then hek go for the ATI 4870, maybe down the road you can buy a second card and Crossfire it.

Oh and one more thing the only reason a GTX 260 card can perform slightly better than than a 4870 is because at the moment ATI drivers aren't that great, until something better doesn't come out you will see lots of cards outperforming other cards, not because they are better, because ATI has terrible drivers.

Sorry for the long essay
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