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Yeah shes been hounding them but all they say is its a problems with the RMA centre. Shes not the first person to experience this bs either, the manager told her it happens quite frequently with that RMA centre. It seems like it needs to be addressed more on the corporate level rather than with a manager at a local BB. Samsung seems like one of those companies where its impossible to get any sort of communications to anyone who actually gives a rats ass. Its too bad we don't have a rep here as that would be ideal. Someone to just give a heads up to that their RMA centre is screwing everyone and giving Samsung a bad name.

No matter what the issue was it should of been fixed by now. The thing was brand new, they should of just sent him a New or Refurb with his HDD in it, fixed his and used it as the next refurb replacement for the next guy but instead they lie and demand hundreds of dollars in repairs when something was clearly not physically damaged. I think the RMA centre is scamming stupid people who buy computers at BB/FS. They know they know absolutely nothing about PCs and they take advantage of it. They also know they have disposable income as they are shopping at a bigbox store. Perfect mark for a con. I honestly think they need to be investigated. The local store managers know its happening I don't think management care simply because their jobs are dealing with idiots all day long already. They don't want to make their day any more depressing than it already is. They also know they can tell the customer anything and most are too stupid not to believe it.
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