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Thanks again for the lovely replies guys!

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Case: there are a few members here that swear only by the CM690. It's a very good case, well laid-out and cheap. Dusk? You mean Dust. The necessity of dust filters depends on the environment where the computer is located. I never used a dust filter before; but I do clean my rigs monthly.

Board: no oc'ing, no RAID, no Firewire? Then go for the board that I already mentionned: the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L - you won't be disappointed.

Ram: Dollar value might just be the case; though your selection is just fine, being 2x 2Gb sticks.

HDD: both the WD and the Seagate are good, reliable performers. Choose the one that has the cheapest price.

HSF: Heatsink Fan. Yes, it's for the CPU. Now, if you don't oc, you could choose the Arctic Cooling AC7 Pro; the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 is a solid performer too, for a great price.

Don't worry about the other members, others will chime in and reply with their own opinions. Usually the end result meets / exceeds the OP requirements, usually for an even lower budget...
Board: If you say the motherboard is a good one I believe you! Let's hope it's one to keep me satisfied hehe.

HDD: Well, the 500GB is just a bit more bucks so if they are both good/great, I will go for the 500GB. The 500GB has 32MB cache and the 320GB has 16MB. Another thing, the 500GB has a ms-value of 8,5 and the 320GB has 8,9. So is the 500GB a better choice to go for when looking at the numbers and the price?

HSF: They don't have any Xihmatek HSFs. Is the Arctic Cooling AC7 Pro really decent? I came across the following site and it's almost at the bottom lol:
Arctic Cooling Intel LGA775 Heatsink Temperature Comparisons - Alpine 7 Pro FrostyTech Review

I will change the case in the first post to the Centurion CM690 and update the total price.

Originally Posted by GregH View Post
Antec 300 is another nice low priced case you could look at, and it comes with the dust filter. Doesn't look fancy but I'm not into neon so it doesn't bother me. Think of it as a mini version of the 900 with the filter but without the bling.

HSF = HeatSink Fan to keep your processor cool. Xigmatek HDT-S1283 is a popular one and for only around $30 Canadian performs as well as many twice it's price. Arctic Freezer Pro is another popular economical choice
Are you talking about the Arctic-Cooling Freezer 7 Pro? I read some reviews and it seems that it is pretty huge and takes up a lot of your case. Is that a problem?

Originally Posted by misterlarry View Post
Welcome to HWC Bozza. I would have to agree with everything that 3.0 Charlie has said. One thing you haven't told us though. Do you want any room for upgrading and how long do you want the current build to last you? That might change some of the ideas.

Lovely smiley haha! And a great question which I am more than willing to answer hehe. I don't know exactly if I need room for upgrading. I might want to replace some components in the future, like a better processor or gfx card. Extra hdds are always needed so that's indeed the room I need. For the rest, what kind of room do you need for upgrading?

Originally Posted by tgraszat14 View Post
I'm using the coolermaster centurion 5 and its a good case with nice airflow. Some of the front connectors gave me a hassle but other then that its alright. However the CM690 would be the better choice :)
Thanks for the comment mate. I think I will go with the CM690 for now. Untill someone convince me to grab a different case hehe.

Waiting anxiously for your replies!

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