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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Xeven View Post
Sorry gents, have to send my Opterons back to Korea. Just won't fold stable :( I had grand plans, but now I'm left with 1 board with no cpus, 1 board on RMA and 1 on limbo. If you need stuff for the CC PM me, I have enough parts for 3 quad boards (except for the damned CPUs and motherboards), e.g. 48 sticks of RAM, 12 H60s, 3-AX1200s etc. This is turning out to be an epic 3.0 "I kill SR2's" Charlie situation, albeit with H8QGL's.
Having been through a similar situation, I sure can relate.

As such, I have on hand 2x 6272s, and 5x6128s. They can be yours for the duration of the CC, simply pay for shipping - if you wish to contribute to the Team.

Let me know.


ps. I'm the proud owner of one of your SR2s...
Hydro-Quebec is salivating...
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