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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
(not necessarily in order of preference)

1: Original Civ
2: Elite
3: Doom
4: Wizardry / Ultima series (didn't want to have to chose between the two.... ;) )
5: Oblivion

edit: And I'm sorry but I disagree with your viewpoint WRT new games vrs old. I'd much rather have 500+ hours of gameplay in 8 colours than 20 hours will all the eyecandy that today's hardware will allow.... ;)
I agree sswilson.
I still play the old games that I love and the lack of new graphics just means I get to play at 10,000 FPS.

5: Oblivion = I liked that game... but the gathering... My OCD with doing everything in games will ruin some great games for me (Skyrim is the same) if they go overboard with the crafting.
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